Nextcloud Conference 2017

Hey guys,
I’m sharing the news with you about Nextcloud Conference 2017 held in Berlin, Germany.

The Nextcloud community will get together at the TU Berlin from August 22 to 29 for a week of talks and coding around the next generation private cloud technology. Talks will be on Saturday and Sunday, Friday we have a special Focus Friday on large scale and enterprise deployments.

The conference is focused on making Nextcloud better through discussions, coding, packaging, designing, translating and more, all with the participation of our amazing community. If you want to get involved and can’t wait for the conference, see our contribution pages on how to get started with being a Nextcloud contributor!

Learn more about the conference, like the program and what kind of sessions to expect on the conference information page! In the meantime, feel free to book the date in your calendars and register here!



Thanks Silva, I will probably be there with one or two Mozilla talks about WebRTC.

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Thanks Silva. @Xh3n1 and I are thinking to have a talk to share our experience as part of “Rails Girls Summer of Code” working on Nextcloud and the specific tasks that we have there.

Thanks for sharing the information @silva.arapi. @Xh3n1 and myself will propably be there.


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Since this year four of us are going to the conference we will try to update here about the happenings of the event. First of all @silva.arapi gave an interview about her participation which you can find here: some days bofore this @Xh3n1 gave her interview, which you can find here:
I am planning also an informal meting with the Greek Nextcloud community in the next days. The idea is to share what our communities are doing and how we can work together in the near future.


Would you like to have a Planet site for Open Labs? Instead of posting in the forum, if people blog about their activity:

  • their blogs can be picked up by all the planet sites simultaneously (e.g. you can ask to be included on Planet Debian and Planet FSFE)
  • it will also reduce the number of emails going out of the forum for things that don’t require an action or response

The Planet system is available as a package that you can install on the Open Labs server with something like

apt update && apt install planet-venus
cd /etc/planet
vi planet.ini

You add each blog to planet.ini like this:

name = Kristi Progri
xml_base =

You can spend extra time customizing the appearance but that is not necessary to get started.

If you don’t want to run your own Planet server, maybe you could set up a subdomain and redirect to one of the other Planet sites?

That sounds pretty great actually Daniel. Let us discuss this with the @infra team and see if we can set it up.