News from other hackerspaces

I thought it might be nice to share the newsletter from Cambridge’s hackerspace (the one which is geographically local to me) for cross-fertilizing ideas and to keep hackerspaces in touch:

Makespace Winter 2018 Newsletter

It has been sometime since we have had an update on the many and varied activities around Makespace.

In this newsletter Makespace reaches 300 members, celebrates our 5th Birthday, adopts new code of conduct and reaches out with new partners.

300 members and growing

We are now a community of 300 makers. This is only possible due to a growth in volunteers who are helping us not only induct, but also train our members on many pieces of equipment. We do still need more owners and trainers, so even if you are new to the community, please - don’t be shy to get involved. And if you’re one of those newer members, getting involved as an owner or trainer can be a great way to meet people and get stuck in

Make the Space evenings

Make the Space evenings are all about fixing up and improving the space in a social event. The results of the first evening were fantastic - thanks everyone: members came in and put up coat hooks, made a tape dispenser, improved the display areas, built trolleys to go in the underfloor storage area and put up another izettle card payment system.

These evenings are all about improving Makespace and to introducing members to each other in a social way. And sharing some food and drink after a bit of making! We are looking to host the next Make the Space on the last Thursday (29th) in March.

Makespace’s 5th birthday party - especially for members only - is on Friday 16th March at 6.30pm. We will have a big clean up event on Saturday 10th March at 9am, please come and help us get the space looking and operating at its best.

Festival of Science showcase

Makespace will once again take part in this year’s University of Cambridge’s Festival of Science. This evening showcase is on the 15th March at 6pm and is open to the public. If you would like to display something you’ve made at Makespace - and we’d love you to - please let Jo Brook know.

Expanding the board

To manage the current growth and prepare for the future, we are seeking 2-3 new board members to join the current board of directors (Jonny, Simon, Adrian and Ward, our most recent joiner). The board is an executive one - we all play an active role in supporting Makespace, and new board members will do likewise. We are looking to grow the board so that there are more of us to divide activities between. We want to make sure that it’s not a problem if a few of us are on holiday at the same time or busy at work, and to ensure Makespace can thrive and sustain beyond the dreams of the original founders

If you might be interested in joining the board please get in touch at

Code of Conduct

Makespace is busy, which is great, but also this could create stresses in how we treat each other and the space. As our community grows, the board felt it necessary to articulate a common understanding of the way people in the space should interact. So we have adopted a Code of Conduct which you can read in full on the Google group here. In essence - this is the summary:

“At Makespace we assume that people are intelligent, well-meaning and proactive. We further believe that to meet our aims, Makespace must be a safe and productive environment for everyone. To that end, we do not condone harassment, offensive behaviour, taking unfair advantage or any activity that is potentially unsafe in Makespace. “

Fire safety

The Fire Marshall and University Safety Office will be coming around throughout the year to check that Makespace is up to standard. If we fall short, we could close. It’s that important. Please help us to maintain our great safety record.

Power tools reminder

To ensure the safety of all users of Makespace, angle grinders may not be used for any purpose. Power tools not provided by Makespace may only be used at Makespace with the written permission from the directors.


Our community is growing not only in the number of members but also in outside collaborations with like minded organisations in Cambridge. In January, we hosted a very successful Climate Change Focused Hackathon run by the The University of Cambridge Museums. The Hackathon resulted in exhibitions at the Polar Museum, the University Museum of Zoology, the Whipple Museum of the History of Science & the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology. The partnership will be ongoing as UCM is currently sponsoring one of our members, Katy Marshall, as a Digital Maker in Residence to run public maker events in the Museums.

There is an an 3D scanning and printing event at the Fitzwilliam on 15th March Please get in touch with Katy if you are available to help introduce digital making to the visitors.

Katy has also taken up the reins to head up outreach activities at Makespace. The outreach activities are based in and around the newly re-furbished classroom. Activities will include: gamedev classes run by Mac Bowley, monthly Coderdojo sessions run by Hanna Current while our own Mark Calleja is leading Coderdojo nationwide.

We also have Alex Bates, who runs the social media side of Raspberry Pi, she’s interested in getting more hands-on craft and experimentation opportunities happening at Makespace, especially for girls/women.

Brian Corteil is running regular PI-noon and robotics workshops. These are very popular. Check out our Meetup page here for more details on times and sign up early.

Outreach is now an important part of Makespace and the classroom has a big role to play.

We hope you have seen the classroom lately: it’s brighter, cleaner with great new furniture. A big thankyou to Microsoft Research Lab; their the cash injection of £2400, bought new seating, tables and sockets. And thanks to the people who made it happen: Katy Marshall, Jonathan Woolf, Alex Johansson, Andy Mcdonald, Jo Brooks and Sophie Weeks.

Best regards,

The Board of Directors