Mozilla Fellowship program

Hi all,

The Mozilla Fellowship is a paid fellowship by the Mozilla Foundation. Mozilla Fellows work on the front lines of Internet health, at a time when the Internet is entwined with everything from elections and free expression to justice and personal safety. Fellows ensure the Internet remains a force for good β€” empowerment, equality, access β€” and also combat online ills, like abuse, exclusion, and closed systems.

During a 10-month tenure, Mozilla Fellows may run campaigns, build products, and influence policy.

Applications are now open:


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Hi Nafie,

I noticed on Twiiter that the Open Tech Fund has also a fellowship program. I’m pasting the tweet below:

The OTF has many Internet Freedom programs in case someone wants to check.


I highly recommend the OTF Digital Integrity Fellowship. If someone applies, reach out to me so I can try to help with your application and/or vouch for you :slight_smile:

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