Most useful type of armchair mapping for Albania?

I’m moving this conversation over from the google group, as suggested by Redon.

I’ve been doing some “armchair mapping” of Albania, from the Bing aerial photos, and have mostly been mapping rural features as I can’t get street names or see what type buildings are.

What sort of mapping do you think would be most useful for me to do this way? I’ve been putting in quite a few tracks / unclassified roads, and what I’ve noticed is missing on quite a scale is the outlines of woodland/forests, so I was thinking of doing a batch of those but that’s quite a big project. (Also, it can be hard to see where woodland changes to scrubland, which you seem to have quite a lot of.)

Thinking of rural features, what are the places with lines of trees/bushes, typically curving around as if they follow contour lines of hills? I guess they are either orchards or vineyards, but I don’t know which is typical in Albania. Where trees are planted in a square grid, I’m generally confident to tag it with landuse=orchard but I’m not sure with the curved parallel rows of trees.


Hey John,

I’m not sure if I understand your question. I think it might be beneficial to start mapping buildings, as there are a lot of unmapped areas, even in Tirana, and they are the most easiest to do at this point.

But then again, I’m a noob at these things.

I was wondering whether it’s preferable to complete the road (and track) network throughout the country, or the buildings in towns and cities. And some rural features are incomplete; I’m still finding some small reservoirs / lakes, and I think there are probably still some streams and rivers unmapped.

Yes there are some places that are unmapped still in Albania and we definitely need to prioritize what we do as a group of people that is working on this. And it is great that you are opening this discussion because I personally think this is really important and needs to be prioritized if we want to be effective - whatever that means for a community like ours that is not ‘working’ on this full time.


Hello guys,

I just discovered this topic.
As mentioned in the post “OpenStreetMap Belgium collaboration”, if you need our Tasking Manager ( to define priority areas to map (with eventually a custom aerial imagery), you just have to say the word :slight_smile: