Mobilizon, a new tool to free your groups and events from Facebook

Hello all,

I’d like to share with you one of the latest initiatives from FramaSoft who have recently launched Mobilizon, a free-libre and federated tool to free events and groups from the clutches of Facebook.

Announced almost two years ago on the Framablog (FR), Mobilizon was born of a need to offer a solid alternative to Facebook to friends who organize climate walks, LGBT+ association organisations, and new educational workshops with that platform’s limited options. After a successful fundraising campaign it was confirmed once again that there was a great demand for such an alternative and Framasoft was enabled to continue their work. They worked with designers to understand the expectations of activists who use Facebook to gather and organize.

Here you can find their announcement published in late October which details their journey to building Mobilizon:

In this blog post they state:

In our opinion, to be successful, Mobilizon must be :

  • Emancipatory . It is a software that we want to be free, federated and separate from the attention economy.

  • Practical . Mobilizon is above all a tool for managing your events, your profiles and your groups.

  • Welcoming . We have created and incorporated tools explaining how to use its features, to find your Mobilizon instance or even hos to install it yourself.

This helps us understand that Mobilizon is an alternative to Facebook, but a better one in the sens that it is not seeking to replace it in terms of features because this tool was designed with Freedom in mind. As it is also stated in the Framasoft blog:

Mobilizon is designed to not monopolize your attention: no infinite scrolling, no running to check likes and new friends.

As Mobilizon is a federated tool, there is a list of available trusted instances on from which you can choose to create your profile, events and groups. We at are also working on announcing our own public instance which will be available for everyone to use.

This Photo Novel Guided tour might be quite useful to understand how Mobilizon is designed and how it can be useful to you:

As this tool might be quite helpful especially to activists I’d like to propose to spread the word about it :slight_smile:




How does it compare to other alternatives, for example Friendica?

From my understanding, the main difference is that it has as a main focus events an not many other social network features. I think it is closer to an Eventbrite and FB events alternative.


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