Mini DebConf Prishtina - October 7

I started having a discussion with the people in Kosovo about a Mini DebConf on the weekend after the CryptoParty in Tirana.

Would anybody from Tirana be interested in going to Prishtina that weekend?


Pretty sure a huge group from Open Labs will be in Rome for LibreOffice Conference around those dates. Personally it clashes with a few personal things of mine on these dates so I will pass.

As part of the “Fedora Diversity Team” I was planning to organize a “Fedora Women Day” in Prishtina like the one we did at Open Labs Hackerspace. Since Daniel was thinking to organize Mini DebConf in Prishtina we thought to merge them. The event will happen next week at Prishtina Hackerspace, on 7 Oct.

@kristiprogri @anisakuci9 have applied to join the event. If anyone else wants to join is welcome to apply at the wiki page that @pocock shared.

Would you help us design a fb event poster?

I had some free time to update the wiki with few more details.

@jonaazizaj feel free to fill in the Fedora Women Day part.

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Sure, send me the details and I will do it.



  • Event name: MiniDebConf Prishtina
  • Location: Prishtina Hackerspace
  • Date: 7-8 Oct 2017 (might change)*
  • Time: 9:00AM - 5:00PM (might change)*
  • Link:

(*) If you send me the svg raw file I could make the last minute changes so that we don’t bother you again.

Logos (optional)

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Thanks @altinukshini, I added FWD in the agenda.

Would be great if we can add this logo as well

@elioqoshi please use the following details for the event:
Sat. 10:00-19:00
Sun. 12:00-15:00


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Hey guys, good to hear you are organizing this. I’ll join as well along with other people from our hackerspace. Looking forward.



I created an image the Facebook event Altin, attached here, also sent you the .svg file in Telegram.


Why don’t you guys upload these images on OLs Github account or our cloud so that other people can remix them? I think that would be really useful in the near future.



Here’s the updated version we used.

Thanks again @anxhelo


Seeing as this is a FLOSSK thing and not Open Labs, it makes sense for FLOSSK to upload that I’d say.

@pocock who is going from the Tirana community there?