Location for the battery after OSCAL

The crowdfunding campaign successfully raised approximately EUR 100,
I’ll publish a separate report on my blog with precise details.

An Ultracell UCG45-12 battery was purchased from Tashi in Tirana. It is
12V, 45AH. It is a VRLA maintenance-free battery.

While the battery is described as “maintenance free”, it is best
practice to maintain the battery with a smart charger (3-stage charger)
when it is not being used.

The battery can easily run a radio demo or another power-hungry demo for
a whole day at a time and be charged overnight.

I’d like to take the battery to Prishtina this week for the ham radio
activity in the hackerspace on 24 May. After that, I’d like to help
find the best way to share it between the communities in both countries.

After the success of the demo today, I’m hoping that other developers
with an interest in radio will also be interested in visiting and using
it at events.

Are there any events after 24 May, either in Albania or Kosovo, where
somebody would like to use the battery?

Does anybody already have a smart charger suitable for 12V gel-cell



The battery came with me to Prishtina on Monday and it is currently at
the Prishtina hackerspace.

We used it for the joint meeting with SHRAK[1] tonight

It could also be used at Doku:tech and after that it could either stay
in Kosovo or go to Albania depending on where it would be used next.

It may also be useful to have it available at Doku:tech in Prizren (4



  1. http://www.shrak.org/