LibrePlanet 2019 call for proposals

LibrePlanet is an annual conference for free software users and anyone who cares about the intersection of technology and social justice. For more than a decade, LibrePlanet has brought together thousands of diverse voices and knowledge bases, including free software developers, policy experts, activists, hackers, students, and people who have just begun to learn about free software.

I attended this year’s (2018) LibrePlanet under its 10th anniversary theme “Freedom. Embedded.” I was really impressed by the overall conference, moreover being in the same room with Richard Stallman, Free Software Foundaton founder.
For the next year, LibrePlanet 2019’s theme is “Trailblazing Free Software.”

The call for proposals is open until October 26, 2018. General registration and exhibitor and sponsor registration are also open, so submit your talk and workshop ideas, and register for the conference today!
LibrePlanet 2019’s talks and hands-on workshops can be for developers, young people, newcomers to free software, activists looking for technology that aligns with their ideals, policymakers, hackers, artists, and tinkerers – and we really want you to propose a talk! Talks and workshops should examine or utilize free software, copyleft, and related issues, but otherwise, the sky’s the limit.

For more info, including the link for call for proposals: