LibreOffice Hackfest Tirana 2019


(Silva Arapi) #21

Hello @x1sc0 ,

June would work well by our side as well, so yes after OSCAL seems good too. The exams are held on July on most of the Universities in Albania.

There are yet no planned activities on our wiki: so let’s just decide on the date. We can also promote the hackfest at OSCAL, which hopefully will bring more people to attend.


(Xisco) #22

Hello @silva.arapi,
That’s great news!!
Could you guys please suggest a couple of dates in June that would work for you so we can decide which one works better for TDF/Mentors ?

Thanks in advance

(Silva Arapi) #23

Hello @x1sc0

After discussing it with the team, we would propose the weekend of 15 & 16 June as the best option. And as a second plan (in case the first is not suitable for you) we would propose the first weekend 2nd & 3rd June.

Let us know if you can make it at these dates :slight_smile: