LibreOffice Hackfest Tirana 2019


(Xisco) #1

Hi all,

as some of you might know, we would like to have a LibreOffice hackfest in Tirana soon.
At FOSDEM I spoke with Izabella about it and we agreed to have it some time between now and OSCAL 19,
so, considering Easter is on April 21, 2019 and flight prices might be expensive, I would like to propose April 13 ( week before ) or April 27 ( week after ). What do you think?

OTOH, How many of you might be interested in this event? Ideally people should be already working on an easyHack by the time we have the hackfest so we can spend the time in Tirana helping you with those easyHacks.


(Jona Azizaj) #2

Hey @x1sc0 :slight_smile:

Super happy to see a LibreOffice hackfest in Tirana. I’m not sure if I will be in Tirana in April but please let me know if you need my help organizing it, happy to help.

@all everyone that is interested to participate can you please share which dates fits better for you?

(Jona Azizaj) #3

@x1sc0 I’m sharing it on the telegram group as well

(Klevis Lika) #4

Happy to hear that LO hackfest is coming to Tirana!
13th April works for me.

Hopefully see you soon :smile:

(Izabela Bakollari) #5

I would like to participate. April 13th sounds good to me.

(Florian Effenberger) #6

Indeed, April is approaching fast and so we should start planning soon. :wink:
How about setting up a Jitsi call with everyone who’s interested in organizing the event? There we could discuss details and action items.

How about half an hour or so sometime next week? Wednesday (Feb 20) or Thursday (Feb 21) would work for me, alternatively the week thereafter is rather flexible for me too, except for Friday (Mar 1).

Let me know what works for you - happy to chat and work with the community on that event! :slight_smile:

(Izabela Bakollari) #7

Is Wednesday (Feb 20) ok? On Thursdays we have the c++ calls with developers and I know from the mailing list that there is an ESC meeting before. Just to avoid overlap of meetings.

(Silva Arapi) #8

Hello @floeff,

Thanks a lot for the follow up on this. LibreOffice is one of the main projects of Open Labs and of course our community is more then happy to get engaged on bringing important LibreOffice events in Tirana. On our monthly meeting all the members agreed on the importance of such events and we will commit to hosting another one.

Anyhow, we want to do this in an organized way, as we always have done, create a team to take charge on the event first and invite more people who will want to join as well, the same approach we followed with LibOCon. We believe that having a solid team first can be critical for the success of the event, which is a vehicle to also have more potential contributors join the local community.
Regarding this and some issues we were concerned about, we reached out to @Sweetshark since he was one of the initiators of this. As soon as we discuss and clarify all the related tasks, we are happy to use all of our hackerspace channels to invite people to join in various levels, and also to locally promote the event.

Looking forward.


(Silva Arapi) #9

@IzabelaBakollari you have received an official email by the Open Labs community members. People would really appreciate having an answer to some of the issues raised there first, before proceeding with organizing further events were we are engaged as well.

(Izabela Bakollari) #10

Will send a respond there.

(Izabela Bakollari) #11

The best way I can help with the Hackfest is to help people build LibreOffice, set up working environment, choose topics to work on and get familiar with git, gerrit and other tools.

Also the Hackfest can be a good introduction for students who want to participate in Google Summer of Code.

(Florian Effenberger) #12

I didn’t get much feedback yet, so I assume there will be no coordination call today. However, we should sync on the topic very soon for planning - @Sweetshark, can you follow-up? I’m available for a call also next week, so we can discuss details.

(Bjoern Michaelsen) #13

@floeff, all,

well, the first thing we need is a proposed date for the event, TDF can then see how to support it. I dont even think we even need much of a coordination call beforehand – but we need a date so we can encourage mentors and interested parties to join. We should have at least 6 weeks of time to prepare and promote such an event.

As for the friction wrt organization mentioned here, I will not take sides or judge them. For one, I am not close to what happened and thus would unlikely be a good judge.

On the other hand, TDF events should be as open and inclusive to contribution as possible by default: It should be rare that this breaks down. If that happens, I trust our Code of Conduct to be a proper mean to resolve this.

However, I hope none of the issues mentioned are that severe. Ultimately, a Hackfest will also not be very effective in an environment were those concerns overshadow things.

tl;dr: We need a proposed date ASAP.