LibreOffice Hackfest Hamburg 2018

About the Hackfest

Its once again time to meet again in Hamburg for a LibreOffice Hackfest! We will meet with contributors to LibreOffice – old and new – and also welcome those who have not yet contributed to the project, but are interested in doing so.

We will have EasyHacks prepared for anyone wanting to do their first code contribution to the project – and we will have mentors around who may provide guidance to every interested newcomer. An Hackfest is the easiest way to get involved for a curious newcomers to the project: we certainly can offer an interesting C++ codebase!

More info:



I’m gonna be attending this one :smiley:


Silva, want to report back shortly how your experience there was?

I’m writing a blog post on this, will share soon

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Here is short blog post on my presence on the LibreOffice Hackfest: