LibreOffice 2019


(Bjoern Michaelsen) #21

Hi all,

so I hope this is not too short a notice, but maybe we can follow up on the topic we had in the last call: The suggested time for that is tomorrow Tuesday 20:00 CET (Tirana/Berlin time) again at:

I hope some of you will be able to make that: I have discussed with some LibreOffice community members and with Izabela and Anxhelo at the Hackfest in Munich and hope we have some good starting points. Again sorry for the short notice, we selected the date quite ad-hoc in Munich hoping for the best.

Note this call will be mostly about organizational things (like Hackfests, other Events). But I hope we can then move on to more direct LibreOffice contribution topics once this is done. :wink:



(Izabela Bakollari) #22

Hi Bjoern,

I can confirm will join the call and hope it is possible for others too.

(Redon Skikuli) #23

Joining as well.


(Redon Skikuli) #24

Thank you for organizing the call today @Sweetshark and for continuing to support our local community. Izabela and myself will share the topics of our discussion in the meetings we have at our community. More specifically we will inform about:

  • LibreOffice hackfest idea in the first or second week of March 2019
  • LibreOffice presence at OSCAL 2019
  • bi-weekly tech calls between LibreOffice devs and local LibreOffice contributors that want to get involved at a technical side of LibreOffice

In addition, @IzabelaBakollari and @anxhelo will share their experience in Hamburg with the local community in the next days.


(Bjoern Michaelsen) #25

Hi Redon, all,

More specifically we will inform about: […]

thanks for sharing these ideas and keeping the inertia in Tirana!

In addition, @IzabelaBakollari and @anxhelo will share their experience in Hamburg with the local community in the next days.

Great! If you post something where we can link to it, I’d be happy to give it more visibility: I likely will write a report on the Hackfest myself on my blog (which also is also aggregated on and could link that in. Doesnt have to be a blogpost, even e.g. a forum entry here should be fine!



(Anisa Gurabardhi) #26

Hoping I’m not too late, I, as well, confirm to dedicate some time to learning C++ and then contributing in the core code of LibreOffice.

(Xhoana) #27


I am looking forward to this opportunity and I confirm to participate in learning C++ and contributing in the core code of LibreOffice.

(Silva Arapi) #28

It’s so great to see the local LibreOffice community grow even more. @Anisa_G & @Xhoana.B we are having the LibreOffice Month in November and I think that will be a good opportunity for both of you to get started. :smiley:

(Klevis Lika) #29

I also want to get involved in the LibreOffice community so I confirm my participation on this project :grin: !

(Izabela Bakollari) #30

For everyone who wants to join, we will have a meeting at Open Labs on 7th of November, this Wednesday at 17:30 pm. For people who will join later, I will repeat the presentation to make sure no one misses anything.

@evavranici @Anja13 @klevisi @albamerdani @Anisa_G @Xhoana.B

Please bring your laptop :slight_smile:

(Klevis Lika) #31

I have a back pain and my laptop is very big and heavy (it’s a gaming laptop), is it possible to use one of the laptops that are at OpenLabs for the time I am there and resume the work on my laptop when I’m home?

(Izabela Bakollari) #32

No problem. It is just easier for people to have their laptops so they can finish what they start when get back home.

(Izabela Bakollari) #33

@Sweetshark, here is a report about the Hackfest in Munich.

(Bjoern Michaelsen) #34

@Sweetshark, here is a report about the Hackfest in Munich.

Awesome, I will link to it when writing my blog about it.

Best, Bjoern

(Silva Arapi) #35

@klevisi feel free to use the laptops at the hackerspace if you can’t bring your own :smiley:

(Alba) #36


I will be at Open Labs on Wednesday but I will join the meeting later because I am at work till 17:30-18:00.
I would like to give my contribution in coding (C++ or any other programming Language) for LibreOffice.

See you on Wednesday :slight_smile:

(Izabela Bakollari) #37

Meeting has started. We are keeping notes here:

Goto this EtherPad

(Izabela Bakollari) #38

Hi @Sweetshark,

We are proposing Thursdays at 8 pm or Saturdays at 10 am as possible days for calls between LibreOffice developers and the local community.

Is it possible to have the first call one of the days, next week?


(Bjoern Michaelsen) #39

Hi @IzabelaBakollari,

Thanks, I forwarded the timeslots to Xisco, he will discuss them in the next ESC (“Engineering Steering Committee”) call on Thursday, 1600 CET. (see e.g. ).

Given the ESC call on Thursday, I dont think so TBH. But lets see what they make of the dates. :wink:



(Eike Rathke) #40

GitHub account

Just to mention that for developing on LibreOffice a GitHub account is not necessary, as we have our own repository at that is only read-only mirrored to GitHub. However, if you have a GitHub account and the project starred, then when you authored a change that is committed and thus mirrored it will show up as contribution in your GitHub timeline.