LibreOffice 2019


(Eike Rathke) #40

GitHub account

Just to mention that for developing on LibreOffice a GitHub account is not necessary, as we have our own repository at that is only read-only mirrored to GitHub. However, if you have a GitHub account and the project starred, then when you authored a change that is committed and thus mirrored it will show up as contribution in your GitHub timeline.

(Izabela Bakollari) #41

Hi @Sweetshark,

Is there a time and date for the first call with LibreOffice developers?


(Xisco) #42

Hi All,
I created a Doodle with the proposed timeslots and mentioned it in the last ESC meeting ->
So far, it seems Thursdays at 8 pm CET is winning

@Sweetshark, @IzabelaBakollari What’s the next step ?

(Izabela Bakollari) #43

We should decide on when to have the first call. Next week or in two weeks from now?

(Xisco) #44

@Sweetshark what’s your opinion ?

(Xisco) #45

Hi Izabela,
What about we have the first call on November 13th so we have time to make it public ( we can announce it in the blog and social media ), I have time to find a couple of developers to attend and the students can watch the video in advance?
For this first session, I would like to propose the first video ( introduction ) and second video (functions and strings ) from What do you think? each one is 50 minutes, Do you think it’s too long ?


(Izabela Bakollari) #46

Hi Xisco, you mean December 13th?

(Xisco) #47

Yes, I meant December 13th. Sorry for that!

(Izabela Bakollari) #48

Hi Xisco,
For us is it ok to have the call on the proposed day and discuss the first 2 videos. Meanwhile we are watching the tutorials. As the first one is introduction I think most questions will come from the second video, so it is not too long.


(Bjoern Michaelsen) #49

Hi @Xisco, all,

December 13th works for me and unless an unforseeable disaster strikes, I will join in!



(Eike Rathke) #50

Regarding the string class in the first video please note that LibreOffice uses its own OUString class (or rather rtl::OUString for 16-bit UTF-16 strings, and rtl::OString for 8-bit strings (for example used for UTF-8), with conversions between them that can handle different text encodings), see our include/rtl/ustring.hxx and include/rtl/string.hxx header files.

So in the context of LibreOffice development that part of the lecture is to be taken with a grain of salt, though useful for general C++ handling.

(Xisco) #51

Meeting announced in TDF’s blog ->

(Izabela Bakollari) #52

Next online meeting is this Thursday at 20:00 CET

(Izabela Bakollari) #53

Next C++ workshop tomorrow at 20:00 CET

(Ares) #54

I’m interested. If you could notify me about the next date whenever it’s decided I would greatly appreciate it!

(Klevis Lika) #55

Hi @Ares, the next meeting is today at 8 PM. If you want I can add you to the Telegram group chat we have where we arrange the workshops with LO.

(Redon Skikuli) #56

Please @klevisi can you publish meetings info here once they are planned? There might be more people interested in this. Thank you :slight_smile: Maybe it would be a good idea to add them on here:


(Klevis Lika) #57

I can post the material for the workshop that was today, it contains the video that was discussed and some EasyHacks:

As for the next one I don’t know when will happen as I couldn’t participate today. Maybe @IzabelaBakollari can elaborate more on that.

(Ares) #58

@Sweetshark I was wondering if you had a date for the next workshop as I am looking forward to it. Many thanks, Ares Dragoj.

(Xisco) #59

Hello Ares,
Next lecture will take place on February 14, 2019. You see more info here: