LibreOffice 2019


(Bjoern Michaelsen) #1

Hello OpenLabs,

thanks again for an awesome LibreOffice conference! As promised, Im checking in here to see if and how we can follow up this great starting point and continue to deepen the connection between Tirana and LibreOffice – e.g. at OSCAL or more general in 2019.

I am still sorting my thoughts and impressions from the conference and assume you are also still recovering from the stress of organizing and executing the conference as well. I will follow up with some of ideas out of that soon – and maybe, if you are interested, have a short videocall (e.g.on to brainstorm about them, so we can select the good ones and get rid of the stupid ideas.

Experience tells me that I mostly have stupid ideas, so the latter is quite important. :wink:



(Izabela Bakollari) #2

Hi Bjoern,

It was nice to meet with the LibreOffice community during the conference.

I had the opportunity to share some ideas with you and I am looking forward to discussing them with the local community in Tirana. Having a videocall soon is a good idea.


(Bjoern Michaelsen) #3

Hi @IzabelaBakollari, all,

we should indeed discuss this in a video call. I consolidated some ideas, but would need to check back with you if those are helping achieve your expectations and are also not asking a commitment you feel uncomfortable with making. OTOH, I have now a rough idea, what TDF/LibreOffice would expect and can provide as a first proposal.

So, a suggested time and date for a video call would be on Tuesday, 2018-10-09 15:00 CEST (Tirana time) at:

I hope this works for you. It shouldnt take more than one hour, if there is more to discuss we should just schedule another date as follow-up. Hoping and looking forward to see you!



(Eike Rathke) #4

Hey, indeed, LibreOffice Conference was awesome and Open Labs might well be the most prosper and vibrant FLOSS community I met.

I’d like to chime in and if you don’t mind join the call.

(Eike Rathke) #5

Meanwhile, for anyone interested in contributing in any area, please see the entry points at

(Eike Rathke) #6

We put some hopefully helpful pointers to books/tutorials/courses and C++ Introductions in our Wiki’s General Programming Guidelines.

(Bjoern Michaelsen) #7

@erAck: Ha! I even wrote a blog post about it :wink:

(Izabela Bakollari) #8

I am looking at the links. Thank you :slight_smile:

(Izabela Bakollari) #9

Hi everyone,

I want to update you about the videocall we had with Bjoern and Eike related to future contributions and events in the LibreOffice community.

LibreOffice is looking for code contributors in C++ but the level of experience is not important. People who want to contribute will receive mentoring from more experienced developers. What is important to mention, is that you confirm you dedicate your time to learn C++ and then start your contribution in the core code.

Of course, contributions in design, marketing, translations etc are also very important and encouraged but at least 3 people should express their wish to start learning C++ and focusing their contributions in a more technical aspect.

A possible idea is having Hackfests at OSCAL or/and FOSDEM where coders can meet and work together. The purpose of them is to facilitate the progress of learning and contributing. Please @Sweetshark and @erAck correct me if I said anything wrong by mistake.

This was also discussed at the members meeting today but @Members and everyone interested, if you think you have time to dedicate to this project, confirm at this thread.


(Izabela Bakollari) #10

Myself, I confirm I have time to dedicate learning C++ and then contributing in the core code of LibreOffice.

(evavranici) #11

I confirm as well to be part of the code contribution! Keep us updated please

(Bjoern Michaelsen) #12

HI @IzabelaBakollari, HI @evavranici,

awesome to see this commitment!

Next step for you would be to look into the stuff outlined in my blogpost: C++, building LibreOffice and selecting an EasyHack that you are interested in. Joining the #libreoffice-dev IRC channel on freenode should be able to help you with questions. I would love to support you too personally, but my vacation ended yesterday and the time I can spend on LibreOffice is suddenly quite a bit more limited again.

Also there is the Hackfest in Munich real soon now: I dont know if flights from Tirana are still available at reasonable prices, but if they are and you are able to find the time, please consider joining there. However, I understand this is on a real short notice – so no hurt feelings, if this doesnt work out for you.

I will also connect to the Engineering Steering Committee (ESC) and see how we can proceed beyond that. I have a few ideas, but I still need to chisel out some of the details …



see also: :wink:

(Izabela Bakollari) #13

Thanks Bjoern.

@anxhelo and I are attending the Hackfest in Munich.

See you soon,


(evavranici) #14

Hello Bjoern,
I took notes for the next steps. Thank you for providing that.
I’ll start with an Easy Hack with the help of the IRC channel. It is not convenient for me to participate in the Hackfest in Munich, maybe next time when I’ll probably be more involved with LibreOffice hacking :slight_smile:

(Bjoern Michaelsen) #15

@evavranici, no worries. It was on very short notice anyway.

Looking forward for meeting @IzabelaBakollari and @anxhelo in Munich!

Best, Bjoern

(Alba) #16

Hi everyone, I am not a member of Open Labs but a regular attendant of their events. I am actually employed in a company but I would like to contribute in C++ in LibreOffice in my free time. If this is possible please tell me.
Thank you.

All the best,

(Redon Skikuli) #17

Alba welcome onboard :slight_smile: I wanted to clarify that it is not mandatory to be an Open Labs member to contribute in any free open source project.


(Alba) #18

Ok, thanks a lot Redon :slight_smile:

(Anja Xhakani) #19

Hey everyone,
I have some experience with C++ and not only. I can help also :grinning:

(Eike Rathke) #20

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