Laser cutters are getting cheaper! And the design is open :-)

Still expensive, but it’s a start:

"Just Add Sharks Ltd present the vanillabox, an affordable, open source, functional laser cutter. This simplified machine will be supplied with everything you need to start cutting, straight out of the box.

Aimed at hobbyists and first-time laser cutter owners, the vanillabox will boast a 30W laser capable of cutting laser safe plywoods, MDF, acrylic and more in one pass."


That looks super cool and definitely we need to get one at some point! We are getting a 3D Printer this month so we should aim for a laser cutter next year definitely :slight_smile:

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Love it. Would be a dream to have this at our hackerspace.


I get the impression that delivery and customs into Albania can be tricky. How would that work for something like this, and for the supplies for it?

For laser supplies for Makespace, we use a lot, but I guess there’ll be somewhere nearer with a similar range.

Here are Makespace’s notes on 3D printers: — pointing them out mostly because of humidity control. And we have some maintenance notes too:

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