Join the organizing team of OSCAL 2022

Hey everyone,

As Aulona mentioned in this thread we are having OSCAL 2022 next year, and we are starting the preparations for the conference. We already have a solid team with the members of the hackerspace who will engage as volunteers to organize the new edition of OSCAL. The organizing team has five more spots for anyone who would like to join to bring to life the largest open source conference in Albania. The reason why we are limiting the spots, is because based in previous experiences, this will make the process more productive for everyone.

If you would like to join the organizing team for OSCAL 2022, please reply to this thread within 10 days *(until November 8th) by stating your motivation and how you would like to help.

Usually, members of the organizing team are people who can join our weekly in-person meetings, but this year we are also accepting volunteers who do not live in Tirana, which we are referring below as Collaborators.
Basically, we are accepting 5 more team members who can join as:

  • Organizing team - which consists on people who live in Albania and are able to join the team meetings in Tirana every two weeks. (This is the frequency of the meetings regarding the first months; as we get closer to the date of the conference, the meetings of the organizing team become more frequent).
  • Collaborators - who are people who don’t live in Tirana and can not be part of the meetings; so if you would like to apply as a collobarator you can specify in which area you would like to help and an organizing team member will ask for your support.

Note: In case there are more than 5 people with strong motivation to join us, priority for selection will be given to those who are active contributors of free and open source projects, or are familiar with open source and our hackerspace’s culture.
Even if you are not part of the organizing team, you can join as a volunteer during the conference days.

We are looking forward for your applications.

Take care and cheers,


I’d like to collaborate for making OSCAL better.
I can help with:

  1. Technical infrastructure, for example if we want to make it a hybrid event, both onsite and online, with streaming, recording, real time communication, etc.

  2. Selecting the presentations, preparing the schedule, etc.

  3. Anything else that you need help and I can do remotely.

Please let me know if you need my help.


Hello guys :blush: ,

First of all, i’m very glad that OSCAL is going to take part next year! :grin:
Also, I have been a member of the organizing team of OSCAL, for the last two years and in 2020 for Balkan FLOSStival. I would like to join the organizing team next year, since i’m kinda familiar with hackerpace’s culture, but also as a contributor of open source projects. According to the projects, I translated and involved in many translations for mostly floss projects such as OpenStreetMap, openSUSE, phList, Wikimedia Foundation, KiWi TCMS etc.

I am able to help mostly with:

  • Social media ( posting photos,videos and announcements on instagram and twitter).
  • Photo and video documentation,

and last but not least i’m open to any help needed…



i would like to join the organizing team of OSCAL 2022. I’ve attended the conference regularly on the previous editions, and I’ve also held a workshop in one of them, so I’m familiar with the culture. This time I would like to be part of the organizing team to gain some experience in how to organize an open source conference, and to get more involved with the community. I can join regular meetings and discussions and also help with the conference website or any other technical or organizational tasks.
Looking forward to make this OSCAL edition at least as awesome as the previous ones. Cheers!


Hi everyone, I am Semisjana (everyone calls me Semi :)) and I would also like to join the OSCAL organizing team this year. I am very happy that OSCAL is back! I don’t have much experience with organizing events at this scale but I have been volunteering the last edition and would love to be more involved. I am familiar with Open Labs and its contribution to Open Source in Albania and the region and I think I would be able to quickly adapt to the processes around OSCAL.



I am in to help organise (remote mostly, from France) and I will try as much as I can to attend physically when it will take place :slight_smile:


Really happy to see that things are moving forward with OSCAL. I would also want to join the organizing team of the conference and help wherever is needed. I have been involved since the first edition helping in various positions including outreach, planning, volunteers and sponsorships. My strongest motivation is to help the organizing team in any way I can to host one of the few tech events in Tirana that is focused on digital commons, free libre open source software and online privacy.



Hey @dashohoxha @kristinakvn @GrigorM @Semi @eda @rskikuli
Thank you so much for your interest in making OSCAL 2022 happen.
In the following days we will contact you for the next steps of our collaboration.



Hi Dashamir!
First, I’m very sorry I wasn’t able to keep you on the loop regarding this! I hope I can make it up to you somehow :slight_smile:

Continuing the discussion on this thread:

As part of the openSUSE summit, we will need to setup a hybrid environment.

  1. Certain speakers will present remotely, so we’ll need to work together to configure the LED and audio, as well as a place for the audience to ask questions
  2. We should look into the possibility of livestreaming the presentations of the speakers that will be presenting in person.

What kind of solution were you thinking of? I have a feeling we can achieve this with a BBB and the livestreaming tool (GitHub - aau-zid/BigBlueButton-liveStreaming: Streams a given BBB Meeting to an RTMP Server.), but I’m open to what you think.

I also wanted to doublecheck whether you’d like to be listed as a collaborator of OSCAL on the wiki documentation?

I forgot to tag you @dashohoxha :sweat:

If I knew that it was about helping you, I wouldn’t have volunteered, because most probably you don’t need my help.

Isn’t it better to start a new discussion about the openSUSE summit and its requirements? Because it seems like we are going off topic with this old thread.

I have tried several related tools but I didn’t have any specific solution in mind. I had in mind collaboration and experimenting with different tools.

The plugin that you mention might be the right solution, I have never tried it. But it seems a bit complex, not quite flexible, and not quite reliable.

The last (online) SFK had a good streaming to YouTube and to FB. I don’t know the details, but I suspect that it was a very simple solution. You can ask them about it, if you have their contacts.

I would also be surprised if openSUSE summit does not have a solution of its own for conference streaming. All organizations have developed such solutions in the past few years (some of them have been using online streaming even before COVID).

For example NOI TechPark organizes wonderful hybrid events (conferences, presentations, meetings, etc.). I know the guys who implement it, you can contact them if you would like to know more about their solution.

FOSDEM also organizes excellent online events. They even had a devroom about Conference Organization.

@kominoshja Have a look to Galène (use any username, no password).

The advantages or Galene are that it is very easy to install, and it seams to have a much better performance than BBB (the minimum requirements are also much smaller). This makes it a better option for conferences with large participants (I think that BBB has a limit of 100 people on the same room). It is also very easy to use.

However it is based exclusively on WebRTC, and Firefox has some well known problems with its implementation of WebRTC (which require refreshing the browser, in some cases). Also mobile browsers don’t have a good support for WebRTC yet. But I think that these issues are going to be resolved sooner or later, and Galene is a promising tool for the future.