Join Ops-In as a geospacial web dev using open source tools (project based)

I got informed about this job opportunity from my friend @besiguri, who is heavily involved with the OpenStreetMap community/project. Copy pasting the message:

About our company: OpS-IN
Open Spatial Information Network (OpS-IN) is a software development company, specialized in the field of Web and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Established in 2016 with the mission to help companies overcome software growing pains, through integrated open-source spatial software, GIS solutions, web and app development, professional support and tailor made trainings.
Our expertise is in system development and server administration, Web Development specialized in WebGIS complex systems, database development, data creation, and migration in GIS and QGIS, using Free Libre Open Source Software technology and ensuring compliance with applicable European standard such as Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) standards, INSPIRE directive, etc.
Being part of numerous local and global highly passionate professional community networks such as FLOSS communities, helps us build strong bonds with large group of international experts. We believe that this is the best way to stay up to date with the latest technological trends, improve our performance as a team, and be ready to provide our clients with the best possible solutions on the market.

About the engagement
You will be working on developing a feature called Train Radar, which is a live map that will show people
who want to ride on a train where the trains of an area (such as municipality) are right this second.

Geospacial webdev: required skills

  • experience in web development using OpenStreetMap and Leaflet;
  • full time engagement for the duration of the contract.

Good to have

  • OpenStreetMap contributor;
  • Englsh language

This is a fully remote engagement unless you are in Prishtina or Prizren. You are expected to have your own standart equipment (laptop etc) required for your work.

August 2022

What we offer

  • fair compensation
  • non corporate environment
  • equal opportunities for all applicants

Note: we will fully privacy of the applications we receive.

Contact and applications: besiguri (@)