Is Native Linux App Development In Decline?

Stumbled upon this interesting article about the change in GNU/Linux app development, which might interest some of the people in this list:

New native Linux apps seem to be rarer than a Hannah Montana Linux user. Why?
Part of the reason could be that we’ve changed

I posit that you can tally the decline in variety of Linux apps directly against the the rise of Android and iOS. We’ve offloaded tasks from our computers to our phones, tablets and smart TVs.
And many of the hobby developers who previous scratched their development itch with Linux, now do so on mobile.
Plus, more and more of what we do with our computers can be done through a web browser. Services are “locking” us in so as to better control (and learn from) our experiences, deprecating or not providing accessible APIs and endpoints in turn, from Facebook Messenger to Netflix.

What do you think?

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