Invitation to "The connected child" on Friday

Hello fine people of Open Labs.

I am virtually new to the forum so let me introduce myself.
I am a french developer living in Albania, specialized in web, multimedia and video games. I don’t participate to this forum but I follow with interest the growing activities of this group and I hope sometime I will find the time to meet some of you.

Now to the object of this post:
My wife is a psychoanalyst, clinical director of the Child & Family Unit Nyjelakim in Tirana, and she is holding this Friday at 6pm an event which I think can interest you people.
It’s a conference held in cooperation with the New Lacanian School in Paris, represented by Dr Daniel Roy, a renown psychoanalyst and child psychiatrist from France.

Here is the poster with the Argument in Albanian:

Here is the argument in English:

Today, parents and educators are worried that from a very early age children might be able to use “connected devices” that technology puts into circulation massively in our human world. Experts debate and worry asking whether it’s harmful? A little, a lot, not at all?
We will see how children of this century are not unequipped and resourcless, and how occasionally they might promote their preferences and initiatives.

The event is held at the French room of the National Library, in front of the parlement.
Google Maps
OSM (it’s in the same building as the German room)

Although I am writing to you in English, the event will be in Albanian. People speaking French but not Albanian, such as myself, will still be able to get a lot by listening to Dr Roy.

Regards, Gaëtan.


Thank you for sharing Gaetan. Unfortunately I could not attend the event. It seems so interesting :confused: