Introduction Talk about Security Topics

Hey Folks,

I’m coming to Tirana and would like to offer to give some talks at Open Labs :slight_smile:

Which talks do I have?

I have several talks, but I would like to give one of the following two, both are around 45min each:

  • The journey to becoming an IT security expert
    Often (young) people want to become IT Security professionals. I want to give insight how my path looked like becoming an IT Security professional and what my opinions are in regards to becoming one. Additionally I want to give useful tips for their journey.
    Further Info + Slides: The journey to becoming an IT security expert :: BalCCon2k22 :: pretalx

  • Security Safari in b0rken Land
    IT Security is an important topic in the IT Area. Bugs and vulnerabilities affect us all. This talk gives an overview of IT Security fuckups in 2021 and educates not so tech savy people about vulnerabilities and their impact.

As a Bonus I can do a short Hackspace 101 Infrastructure talk (5min) in the end with open discussion

I would say lets do it on Tuesday. 4.10.2022
What do you think about starting at 19:00 at the space?

I would say let’s give the decision to the people that gonna be there which talk they wanna see.

Cheers and see you,


Thank you for sharing your knowledge! I’ve seen that there is a lot of movement related to the hackerspace infrastructure and that’s why I would propose to have that as a main presentation topic. The other topics proposed are also interesting, but the hackerspace infra thing is the topic of the last weeks from what I hear.
See you on Tuesday!


Hello :slight_smile:
I’ll promote the event on social media tomorrow around lunchtime