Introducing Obvia, the obviously easy JavaScript framework

Dear OpenLabs community,

I would like to introduce you to Obvia, an open-source JavaScript framework designed to make web development obviously easy, and the first framework of this kind developed in Albania. So far, it’s a framework that’s been mainly used in the company I work for in our internal projects, but we have decided to launch it as open-source in order to share it with the community and also get more feedback and support.

As a framework, Obvia is designed mainly for the development of single-page applications, and has a few advantages, such a component-based architecture, scoped CSS, memoized DOM, asynchronous programming, and an overall intuitive structure.

Like any other open-source project, we are interested in forming a community of like-minded developers, who are interested in using, maintaining, and developing Obvia even further. So whether you are experienced in JavaScript, or even a novice developer wanting to learn more about this language, we invite you to check out our website and social media. Thank you!

GitHub: GitHub - obviajs/obvia: The Javascript framework to make web development obviously easy
Video presentation:


Hi Tedi and welcome at the Open Labs forum! :grin:

Obvia seems like a great tool for developers. Congratulations on your work on building the framework!

Looking forward to hearing more from you guys.



Dear Open Labs community,

On Monday, May the 17th, Open Labs and Obvia will organize a meetup event where you can find more information on the framework and the development of open-source solutions in general. We will present our work, and we would like to have an open discussion with questions, answers, and overall feedback.

If you are interested in JavaScript, web development, or open-source software in general, you are more than welcome to join and become part of the meetup! We hope to see you there!