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Përshëndetje! :wave: Nëse sapo ke mbërritur në këtë forum mund të bësh një prezantim të shkurtër të vetes tënde që të të njohim më mirë. :raising_hand_woman: :raising_hand_man: Për shembull, mund të na thuash si quhesh, nëse je duke studiuar aktualisht, nëse përdor programe kompjuterike me kod-burim të hapur, nëse ke marrë pjesë në eventet e organizuar nga Open Labs, etj. :mega: :page_with_curl:

Mëso si të krijosh llogarinë tënde.

Hello! :wave: If you have just arrived at this forum you can make a brief introduction of yourself to get to know you better. :raising_hand_woman: :raising_hand_man: For example, you can tell us your name, if you are currently studying, if you use open source computer programs, if you have participated in events organized by Open Labs, etc. :mega: :page_with_curl:

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Hey everyone!

I am Mariana and I joined OL back in 2016 as an OSCAL volunteer (at that time I was still studying :stuck_out_tongue:). Besides OL, I am involved in 2 other larger open source oriented communities: Wikimedia Community User Group Albania & the Fedora Project.

You can find me on Twitter as @mariana_balla



Hi there,
I am Sidorela and I joined Open Labs at the end of 2016 and I am a member of the organization for four years now. I contribute to various open source communities time after time, but as well I have my favorite communities which are OpenStreetMap & LibreOffice.
Most probably you have seen my name for commenting a lot in forum or for my fast responses in the telegram channel of the organization. Rumors say I am always online (I’m not) :stuck_out_tongue:
I enjoy spending time at the local hackerspace and sharing my knowledge about what I know related to open source and open data.
I have also been a co-organizer for OSCAL for some of the last years and I must admit that despite being something that needs lots of energy, it is as well fun, educative and a great way to know other people from the FLOSS communities and make great friends.



Hello there :smiley:,

I am Christina and I joined Open Labs activities in 2017. I am a student on my last year of Bachelor in Albanian studying for English literature. Apart from this, I have translated and involved in many translations for floss projects such as OpenStreetMap, openSUSE, phList, Wikimedia Foundation, KiWi TCMS etc…
Also, I have been a member of the organizing team of OSCAL for the last two years and in 2020 for Balkan FLOSStival. I consider Open Labs one of the best community experiences I have had. I like interacting and learning from different people around the world and knowledge sharing.



Hola amigos,

I’m Stathis from Greece and I’m a friend of Open Labs.
Although my profession is Veterinarian, I’m an open-source evangelist. Recently, I took exams and I’m an applied informatics student (specialty information systems).

I started openSUSE community in Greece. I helped to organize openSUSE conference in 2013. I also got involved in GNOME (GNOME Foundation member) and I was an organizer of GUADEC 2019.
I’m not trying to get the “paternity” of bringing Nextcloud in Greece, but I was maybe the first one that joined the community.
Lately, I’m involved in a promising project, called GNU Health.

I enjoy attending to global conferences to meet new friends (and also the old ones) and also organize local events, conferences and motivate people to contribute to open source.

You can join my Twitter as @eiosifidis or Github as @iosifidis.

Have a lot of fun.



I’m Boris, part of Open Labs Hackerspace :wave:

I got introduced to open source in 2015, and since, I’ve been a hacktivist promoting FOSS, Privacy & CopyLeft.

Furthermore, I’ve contributed to various projects such as Mozilla TechSpeakers, Nextcloud, some Wikipedia edits here and there and so on, but I’ve had a change of heart, and now I contribute mostly to local projects.

You can stalk me everywhere in Social Medias and Gits by searching for @kominoshja, which means overalls. The reason that’s my username is because there was a popular kids song when I was a kid regarding overalls:


Përshëndetje! Nice to see old and new faces here. My name is Justin.

I have followed Open Labs since 2015, when I met good friends in the Fedora Project from Tirana. In 2017, I was studying abroad in Croatia. I was a frequent visitor to Tirana then, coming to Open Labs five or six times in the five months I lived in Croatia. I have good memories from Tirana, like the first-ever 48-hour hackathon hosted at Open Labs, giving an Open Source 101 at Linux Weekend 2017, several hours hanging out in the hackerspace, and of course, OSCAL.

Since June 2020, I joined the UNICEF Office of Innovation as an Open Source Technical Advisor. I support the UNICEF Innovation Fund and other open source activities within the Office of Innovation. I provide hands-on technical mentorship, support services, metrics assessments, and sustainable design for scaling open source communities to Innovation Fund grantees.

I am also a contributor to the Fedora Project since 2015. I have worked with several Open Labs folks over the years in Fedora, and it was how I was introduced to Open Labs to begin with.

I am looking forward to the next opportunity to catch an OSCAL or Balkan FLOSStival in Tirana. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello everyone :slight_smile:
My name is Aulona and I am a member of Open Labs for two years now.
I came in touch with the community at the end of 2016 (Fedora release party) and I found it great. There I learned about OSCAL, where I participated as volunteer for 3 years (2017-2019) and co-organizer for the 2020 edition which was postponed but Balkan FLOSStival happened and I was more than happy to be part of it.
Some of the projects where I have contributed are Nextcloud and Wiki ( where I am part of Wikimedia Community User Group Albania ) but lately I’am exploring openSUSE and Libreoffice, looking how to get involved more in these great communities.

I love what we all share in common ‘The Open Source Knowledge and The Freedoms that come with it’.



Hello everyone :wave:

My name is Anxhelo, I’m a member of Open Labs for 5 years now.
I found out about end of 2015 and participated in my first event on January 2016. Afterwards, I joined a few Fedora events in March 2016 and kept coming back for more. My early experiences were doing localizations and participating as a volunteer at OSCAL 2016.
I have contributed to many projects on Open Labs, such as Fedora, Firefox, LibreOffice, Wikimedia etc.

Currently I work as a frontend developer and give talks about the importance of design and write about security/privacy on my personal website.