Into nothingness - the disappearance of Arjen Kamphuis

About a year ago, one of our close friends and a member of Hack42 hackerspace went on a hikingtrip in Norway… (relevant post from @pocock Arjen Kamphuis)

His friends started a campaign to find his whereabouts using several search-/media-/facebook-/sticker-/drives channels, but the number of possible fruitful actions to take is getting low at this point.

Besides running projects in his spirit (like the pile of laptops he prepared for our hackerspace and jump starting the first CryptoParty, his friends from Netherlands, came up with the idea of an art show (link They will be hosting an exposition in their hacker-chapel for a couple of weeks around his birthday in January 2020 and I wanted propose to join this initiative by doing something similar in Tirana. What do you think?


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Totally agree. If I’m needed for anything, please let me know. :point_up: