Internships at Talkyard? 2022

Anyone interested in internships in Software Engineering, or Technical Writing / Support?

Send me a message, or email: kajmagnus at talkyard dot io and maybe we could meed here in Tirana and talk a bit? I’m here next week, until June 23.

Or maybe see you at OSCAL the Open Source Conference Albania during this weekend :- )

The internships are paid, and part time. We’re not looking for exactly 1 person, more can be OK. We’re remote-first.

Requirements? You don’t have to be studying software. Other engineering fields (electronics, engineering physics, mechatronics etc) can be ok too, for example.

It’s good if you know Javascript (Typescript) or want to learn, and like reading. — If not, we’ll guide you in what you’d need to learn, before you start. (Other technologies we use include React, Scala, PostgreSQL, Docker, Linux.)

During an internship, we’d try to help you learn and get better at software and the technologies we use. Combined with doing real work.

About us (well, me) : I’m Magnus from Sweden (a country in northern Europe). I’ve built open source software,, which is what you’d help out with. — Someone, Dashamir, mentioned Talkyard here in the Open Labs forum, a month ago:

I was going to ask if it’s OK to post about internships, but searched this forum for “internships” and found some posts by others, so I just went ahead and created my own. I hope it’s OK (?)


Hey Magnus, thanks for posting this opportunity here.
I am also sharing it on our telegram channel where I also invite you to join :))
See you tomorrow at OSCAL,

I have been using Talkyard since a few years ago in order to augment my apps with comments:
In other words, it is a good replacement for Disqus. I looked at a few free alternatives to Disqus and Talkyard seemed to be the best one.

I can confirm that installing and maintaining Talkyard is very easy and it is very stable.
I recommend it wholeheartedly to everyone, give it a try and see it for yourself.
Thank you very much @KajMagnus for developing it.

I will be at OSCAL tomorrow and the next day and it will be a pleasure to meet and talk to you. My email is I am not in the telegram channel, but I am on Matrix

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Hi Joana, Thanks for sharing to the Telegram channel. I had joined already a while ago :- ) Yes see you (although I don’t know how anyone looks)

Hi Dashamir, I vaguely remembered your name from the Ty forum :- ) Now I found the old topic about firewalld instead of ufw (which I still haven’t had time to look into … And everything being a bit too much for one person is what makes me look for help from others :- ))

Yes it’d be nice to meet. Hmm I might recognize you from the profile photo