International Seminar “Digitising the Youth Ar(c)tivism”

I came across this seminar in one of the CDNEE lists I’ve subscribed.

Cooperation and Development Network Eastern Europe and Digital [X] Working Group are announcing a call for Participants for the international seminar “Digitising the Youth Ar©tivism”.

The seminar will take place between 19-24 November in Bosnia and Herzegovina (19 and 24 are travel dates to and from BiH).The project is the third and final phase of our annual work plan “Digital Technology For Democracy: Youth Turns Threat Into Opportunity” and is going to focus on finding innovative ways of communicating with one’s audience online through interactive creative means .

More details on the program and application link can be found here:

I recommend it. I have participated in a couple of CDNEE training seminars and i can say they are very good.