Installation Party: BigBlueButton server

When: Tuesday, Apr 14, at 6 PM

In this meeting we are going to help each-other about installing a BigBlueButton server. Those of us who have experience with BBB or with server installation and management are going to help those who are new or have problems. If you have never installed a server before you are still welcome, provided that you complete the prerequisites before the event.


1. First of all you need access to a virtual server

Some options are described here:
I would also recommend applying for support to:

I applied a couple of days ago, telling them that I want to build a BBB server to help the local schools with online teaching, and they granted me 250$ credits on DigitalOcean. With a server of 8GB RAM (which is the minimum requirement for a BBB server) which normally costs about 40$, this could last about 5-6 months.

If this does not work, you can apply with this link and you will get 100$ credits to be spent for two months. This is enough if you just want to learn.

2. You also need a domain name (FQDN)

You can purchase one, as described here. If your server is on DigitalOcean, consider managing your DNS there as well (which is free):
Alternatively, I can also provide you a subdomain of, if you ask me before the meeting and send me the IP of your server.

3. You need to send notification emails

This is optional but nice to have. There are some instructions and references here about how to do it with a normal Gmail account:

4. Have a look at some tutorials and instructions