Improving my projects WIKI, how?

Hi all!
I’ve been a long time snooper, and lurker in the telegram channel.
Some may know me, some not :stuck_out_tongue:.

At this moment i’m setting up a new project, which will benefit (i hope) projects that use a lot of services.

Meet Chat ‘N’ Hook.
Chat ‘N’ Hook is able to receive webhooks from a wide range of services.
The information coming from the webhook can be published to a wide range of communication software (Telegram, slack, discord, etc).
Because the bot offers a lot of options, i need the wiki to be clear.

Hereby i want to ask you guy’s / girls to go over the wiki and give some feedback, or even better, make the corrections =).

Also if you have nice idea’s for the project, let me know.

@elioqoshi thanks for the logo :smiley:

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