Impromptu Open Food Facts presentation

I’m Pierre, from Open Food Facts.
I will be in Tirana this week to present Open Food Facts to food scientists. But of course, it’s also about Open Source, Open Data and Commons.
Wanna organize an impromptu meeting ?

Open Food Facts is a worldwide database of food products with ingredients, allergens, nutrition facts and all the tidbits of information we can find on product labels.
It is a non-profit association of volunteers : over 5000 contributors have added 300 000 products from 150 countries using our Android, iPhone or Windows Phone app or their camera to scan barcodes and upload pictures of products and their labels.

Data about food is of public interest and has to be open. The complete database is published as open data and can be reused by anyone and for any use.

Open Food Facts is a collaborative project , and we need help expanding to Albania:

We need help scanning food products using the apps (, translating ( ), and spreading the word.

We are also starting Open Beauty Facts to create a database of cosmetics: soap, toothpaste, makeup etc.


I’ll be there Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, with some constraints on Thursday and Friday (can be free from 6/7PM on thursday, probably earlier on Friday), and totally free on Saturday (flight back to Paris is leaving at 6:20PM).

What I thought we could do is a quick presentation, and then a Scan Party in a local supermarket :slight_smile:

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Also, we’re part of Google’s Summer of Code, if some want to apply as students, or join as a mentor for students.


Hey Pierre, this sounds great!
Seeing the Wiki, Saturday should be free:

We could do a meetup before the event, what do you think? However feel free to pass by the hackerspace for other social events or hacking time as well :slight_smile:

I bet there are many folks interested to apply for GSOC

Hello @teolemon,
Thank you for sharing this on our forum. I would like to hear more about it.
We at Open Labs usually organize our events at afternoon, so if you want to present sth on thursday or friday it is okay also on 6pm.
Saturday is also an option during first part of the day.


I’ll try to poke around Thursday/Friday, but Saturday morning would be probably be more casual, since I’m not completely the master of my time on Thursday/Friday.

I was indeed thinking of a casual meetup (either before of after) and a scan party.

Do you know if the nearby SPAR would be ok with us scanning some food products from their aisles for a small scan party ?

the SPAR is pretty small, we can ask I guess. Alternatively, @IzabelaBakollari owns a grocery shop as well where we can eventually do that if she is okay with that

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we can do this at my grocery shop without a problem.


Thank @teolemon for initiating this, sounds very interesting.

Is there a final decision about the date, so we can share it with other people that might be interested to join and add it to the activities wiki page :slight_smile:

Saturday morning looks like a match ?

@IzabelaBakollari: how far is your grocery shop from Openlabs ? It would be really great to end the Meetup with a scan party :slight_smile:

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just a few minutes from the Hackerspace. I do not know if I will be there but I will share the address with one of the members.

At what time do we meet tomorrow morning ? I’m at the Doro Hotel, so I need a little time to cross the city

I propose 16:00.

Would that be ok for everyone? Or it would be better the first part of the day? Please reply so i can add the event in the Open Labs activities wiki page.

oh sorry i missed the morning part.

I must be in a plane at 6PM, and the more people show up, the merrier :slight_smile:
10 AM or 2PM, 4PM ? Please say when you’ll be around, and what you’d like most.

around 3pm we have a meeting for LibOCon, but if you want to do it at this time we can try to find another place

Hey Jona dont worry it cant happen during the afternoon because @teolemon leaves around 6. It was my mistake… sorry for confusing everyone :slight_smile:

Please propose times whoever wants to join… Unfortunately I wont be able to be there during the first part of the day but I will send the link to my friends.

Hey Guys, @Crowdfunding has a meeting tomorrow 10-11 am at the hackerspace tomorrow. I hope that doesn’t interfere? The space should be free immediately after the meeting

Guys, is 12:00 a good time?
@teolemon what do you think?

Added the event in the Open Labs activities page which if you click, redirects you to the Open Food Facts wiki page with informations.

I can add the time whenever we have confirmation.