Human Rights Defenders Hackathon 2019 in Prishtina

Very interesting hackathon from Civil Rights Defenders. Here is the original posting:

Civil Rights Defenders is organising Human Rights Hackathon 2019, the 31 August and 1 September, in Prishtina, Kosovo. We aim to bring in one place creative people and human rights defenders, to work together and provide ICT solutions for human rights challenges.

Fighting for the advancement of human rights is an ongoing battle that will struggle to succeed unless all possible means and tools are mobilised. Yet there is a clear shortage of technological investments around human rights issues and needs. Human rights defenders are not sufficiently equipped to address the growing digital challenges and lack skills and capacities to make better use of technology for their goals. To help bridge this gap, Civil Rights Defenders is organising the Human Rights Defenders Hackathon.


With the Hackathon we aim to team up tech creatives, such as developers and programmers, with human rights defenders to work together and provide ICT solutions for human rights work. At the end of the project we hope to have developed ideas for websites/apps/online or offline solutions that can be used by human rights defenders in their daily work.

Some of the topics/ issues addressed include:

Supporting human rights defenders to conduct more effective work and better connect with the people they serve
Human rights documenting and databases
Combating hate speech directed at minorities and women
Promoting dissemination of information and knowledge that steams from a human-rights-based approach
Building tools for citizens’ engagement and participation in defending human rights for example promoting freedom of expression and access to information.

The two best ideas will receive a small grant to complete the work.

If you are a developer, programmer or graphic designer who would like to contribute to this opportunity and are available on August 31st and September 1st, please get in touch to express your interest no later than 15th of July 2019.

The Hackathon

The Hackathon will be a two-day event in Prishtina. You are expected to join us at the Hackathon, on August 31 and September 1 at the Innovation Centre Kosovo, in Prishtina Please come prepared with a computer and a proactive approach to problem-solving and changing the world for better. Accommodation, transport and food costs are covered by organisers. You can submit your application by sending an email expressing your interest megi.reci[at]

Good luck to everyone that is planning to participate.