Help needed: Albanian translation for Kiwi TCMS

Hello folks,
Kiwi TCMS is shaping into the leading open source test case management system. Testing may not be that common but I know a few people in the OSS community in Albania that work exactly that.

We have enabled Albanian language in our translation system, see If you would like to contribute it’s very easy. You can find more details at


Hello @atodorov,
I would like to inform you, that i have just started contribuiting in Albanian language .


Thanks a lot. We saw some of your contributions earlier today. Keep them coming!


Thank you for posting here @atodorov, we also can organize a localization sprint at Open Labs where we can explain more for the project and translate it :slight_smile:

I think that the best time to organize it would be the end of September? Anyone that would like to help on organizing?


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For me would be ideal if we organised it Saturday 05.10.2019 at 11.00 because I’m outisde Tirana and during weekdays I need to be at my uni. Who is joining?

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For the record our team will be hosting a devel sprint at PyCon Balkan in Belgade the same Saturday (entire day) so it will be perfect timing.

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Sounds like a plan :slight_smile: I will make sure to coordinate will Open Labs members for the logistics.
Would it be possible also to have a few stickers or some other swag in the spirit of the event?

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We’ve got stickers available but swag is currently on order. Let me check if it will be possible to have it ready on time and how long shipping will take. I will ping you back when I know the details.

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The event is added on the list of activities of the hackerspace:


Everything is ready for our localisation sprint! :grin:

Facebook event:


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Thank you @marianaballa for the help, I added the agenda on the FB event description and wiki. @kristinakvn let me know if you want to add anything else on the agenda.

See you :slight_smile: