Ham radio in Albania (copied from the mailing list)

Hi all,

It was really great to see the high level of interest in the ham radio
and software defined radio demo (SDR) at OSCAL

This blog explains how to install the packages. If you don’t run
Debian, you can also download the debian-hams live image and run it from a USB
stick to try it.

The minimum hardware you need is the RTL-SDR dongle and a small antenna,
as explained in the blog.

I will publish another blog shortly with instructions to build the big
antenna (it is here). It costs between EUR 100 - EUR 250 to set up a HF receiver
system similar to what I demonstrated at OSCAL.

Before coming to OSCAL, I found information about Albania’s
ham radio organization at the IARU and tried to contact them about OSCAL,
I’ve added them on CC (Nikolla, ZA1D and Marenglen, ZA1B)

I also came across this page about people getting the ham radio
license in Albania. If anybody from Open Labs wants to get the license
then I would suggest trying to contact both the local amateur radio club
and the government agency responsible for testing (AKEP).

I’ll send a separate email about JOTA as that is quite a big thing in

For any general questions about ham radio and SDR with Debian, please
come and join the debian-hams mailing list.



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The new blog with instructions for building the antenna is now available, including some pictures from OSCAL’17.
Thanks to all the volunteers who helped make the demo work.

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I’ve donated an RTL-SDR dongle, VHF/UHF antenna and the parts for building a HF antenna to the Open Labs hackerspace. I sent these back to Tirana with @anisakuci9

The easiest way to get started is with my quickstart SDR blog and try to receive FM radio with the small antenna.

To use the HF antenna it will also be necessary to obtain an upconverter and preferably an antenna tuner (ATU), these are described in my blog about building an antenna.

It would be really nice if somebody could post a blog or a comment here after trying it out. People can also ask questions on the debian-hams mailing list

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