GUADEC 2019 - Registration and other useful info

As you probably know, GUADEC will take place in August 23rd-28th. Some information you have to know.

  1. It will held on University of Macedonia. The University is co-organizer. They helped us a lot with everything, but we didn’t promote them enough. Maybe it’s the nature of the conference.

  2. You know the date but you don’t know the program. In general the first 3 days (23-25) we will have presentations and the rest days will be hacking sessions. Hacking sessions and then beach I guess. We have an Android application for GUADEC, you can find it here.

  3. More basic stuff. To enter, you have to register here It will help us to know how many people we will have, so we will prepare swag etc etc. We have to know how many people will eat, drink coffee. If you cannot afford to pay the ticket, just ask the official channels (IRC, twitter etc) how you can enter for free. An alternative is to become volunteer.

If you want to stay somewhere cheap and good, you can stay with the rest of GNOME contributors to The Stay Hostel. It’s in the center of the city and it has many places near you can eat and have fun. It’s close to the university (about 10 mins by bus or 20-30 mins by foot but remember it’s August and it’s hot weather).

Finally, you better buy the foot ticket. It’s for all the days. It’s the meal and coffee brakes. The food plan covers all kinds (vegans, vegeterians etc etc). If you don’t want that, the nearest place to eat is 10 minutes by foot.

When you finish payments, you will be asked if you want to participate to some social events like going to the beach, picnic, soccer game etc etc.

  1. If you want to help us as volunteer, you enter for free (you have to buy your food coupon). The truth is I don’t know where to ask to be volunteer. Go to and tell them that you want to be volunteer.

  2. The T-shirts are awesome. Just go to gitlab to number 37 and see for yourself…


Thanks for sharing @iosifidis :smile:

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The GUADEC T-shirts!!!


Looking good @iosifidis. The conference being a few days away, I would like to thank you for keeping us informed and for the invitation. Wishing you a great event :slight_smile: Looking forward to see the pictures.