Google Summer of Code, Outreachy Round 16 and other 2018 internship applications

The application period for GSoC 2018 and Outreachy Round 16 will run up to the middle or end of March 2018 and the internships are in June, July and August.

In practice, candidates need to start thinking about the program and making contact with potential mentors during December, January and February. If you only start your application in March it may be too late.

It was disappointing that nobody from the Balkans was selected in Outreachy round 15 but GSoC is a lot bigger and statistically this means a higher chance of participation. Outreachy selected 42 people across all organizations in round 15. GSoC 2017, by comparison, had 1,318 students, last time Debian participate we had 25 students, compared to just 3 interns in Outreachy right now.

I was personally involved in discussions with the Debian and Outreachy administrators about all the candidates we shortlisted for Outreachy. The biggest point of feedback for candidates in the Balkans, including people at Open Labs, was the need to see more examples of your work on Github or in other public code repositories. I observed several people at Open Labs starting to work with Git during my visit in October. Anybody who continues using Github every week between now and March is going to be a very strong candidate for GSoC.

  • Who would like to apply for GSoC or Outreachy next year? Please add or update your details on this wiki page and send a reply here in the forum too. Even if you want to apply to some other organization and not Debian you can still ask for help and feedback.
  • Is there anybody in the Open Labs community or the wider region who is interested in mentoring? If we don’t have enough mentors, Google won’t fund the interns.
  • Would Open Labs like to promote these programs to more students who don’t already participate in the hackerspace? This could be a great way to build the community for 2018.

Also, here are some practical tips for coding:

  • participating in hackathons, Debian Bug Squashing Parties and similar events where the focus is code
  • organizing an evening workshop in the hackerspace or elsewhere where the focus is writing some code or fixing bugs
  • if you are going to big events like CCC or FOSDEM, can you arrange to arrive a few days early or stay a few days longer to collaborate with other developers? Some groups have sprints or similar workshops either side of a major conference. The FOSDEM fringe is another good example of this, look for the 2018 announcement. The Debian Snow Camp (in Italy) may be another option.

Hi Daniel,
I was one of the candidates from the Balkans who applied for this round of Outreachy and was not selected. I would like to apply again for GSoC but I also have exams in that period. That does not really make me a good candidate.

I can help promoting such opportunities and organise coding gatherings during the application period.



Daniel, thanks for this early notification.
I would be interested in being a mentor or co-mentor.
And I would also like to propose a few projects myself, if possible.


Izabela, on July and August there are no exams, isn’t it? Maybe 2 months would be Ok for GSoC, if the mentors agree about it as well. But I am not sure.

A lot of mentors would be willing to consider people who finish their exams in June.

If your exam topics are very close to your GSoC topic then it may not matter when you have exams. For example, if you have an exam on Java skills and your project is Java then studying for your exam will help your project quality. If, however, you have exams on things like advanced maths or statistics and you feel you need to spend a week preparing for those exams it is more difficult to focus on a GSoC project.

If you can align GSoC work with a university assignment or project that could also be looked at favorably.

Some courses allow students to use a semester for full time or part time work experience, this is also another good opportunity to do GSoC as all the work you do in GSoC is public and helps you find jobs in future and you can also get travel grants.

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Debian is participating this year, Google just confirmed the list of communities today.

If anybody wants to apply to Debian, either as a mentor or student, please contact us on the debian-outreach mailing list

You can apply to one of the projects on our wiki and you can also ask on the mailing list if you want to work on another topic that is not listed on the wiki:

Participating in an event such as the Debian Bug Squashing Party in Tirana (3-4 March) is also a great way to make a strong application. For those who don’t live in Tirana, please ask about the travel grants for assistance with the bus ticket and accommodation.


As in Outreachy projects get added even after the applicaton period opens, is Debian going to be part of it at all?

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