Going from bad to worse: from Internet voting to blockchain voting


I often see people that push for electronic voting, mentioning some benefits like reducing invalid votes, avoiding counting mistakes (which might also be deliberate), finding out the results quickly, etc.

I usually try to discourage them using common-sense counter-arguments like: “Let the more advanced countries implement it first, and then Albania can follow in their footsteps.” However some people think that they know a lot about technology and they don’t find such answers satisfactory.

Well, this paper has a full-fledged answer by security experts about internet voting, blockchain voting, etc. These are their conclusions:

  1. Blockchain technology does not solve the fundamental security problems suffered by all electronic voting systems. Moreover, blockchains may introduce new problems that nonblockchain-based voting systems would not suffer from.
  2. Electronic, online, and blockchain-based voting systems are more vulnerable to serious failures than available paper-ballot based alternatives. Moreover, given the state of the art in computer security, they will continue to be so for the foreseeable future
  3. Adding new technologies to systems may create new potential for attacks. Particular caution is appropriate in security-critical applications, especially where political pressures may favor an expedited approach.