Global Diversity CFP Day Tirana (Friday)

(ᐸgerard Sans/ᐳ😃🇦🇱) #1

Hi there!

This is part of the effort behind #cfpwomen to bring more women to talk at conferences all over the world.

Global Diversity CFP Day Tirana
Duration: 3 hours

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An important thing is to reach as many people as possible for awareness and exposure in the topic of diversity.

Channels I propose are Twitter and Oscal newsletter.

For the event I recommend They can help with RSVPs and communications (venue changes, etc)

Contact me using:


(ᐸgerard Sans/ᐳ😃🇦🇱) #2

I’ve created the event in EventBrite already and shared on Twitter. I set the time to 9-12pm. We can send any changes via email to registered people.

(ᐸgerard Sans/ᐳ😃🇦🇱) #3

Please help reach more people by RT/cc women that could be interested

(Nafie Shehu) #4

Hi Gerard,

I will help you with the key so Open Labs will be open from 9am - 12pm. Let me know if you need anything else in order to organize the event.

Thank you,

(ᐸgerard Sans/ᐳ😃🇦🇱) #5

Awesome! :tada: If you share the address with me I’ll update the eventbrite page

(Nafie Shehu) #6


Here is the adresss:
Rruga Pjetër Budi Nr.67
1000 Tirana, Albania
And here you can find the geolocation on OpenStreetMap:


(ᐸgerard Sans/ᐳ😃🇦🇱) #7

Thanks! Updated :bowing_man:

(Redon Skikuli) #8

Team can someone from the members that will handle the events add a page to our wiki? Documentation is very important. I will not be around the day of the event unfortunately :slightly_frowning_face:


(Nafie Shehu) #9

@IzabelaBakollari @evavranici can you help with the wiki page?


(evavranici) #10

Yes, it’s done. Please tell me if something must be added/edited

(Nafie Shehu) #11

Thanks Eva :slight_smile: do you think we can have a post on Open Labs Facebook about the event? I can post on OSCAL event after.

(evavranici) #12

Yes, I’ll get back at it pretty soon today

(ᐸgerard Sans/ᐳ😃🇦🇱) #13

Thanks everyone for joining this morning. I had a great time!

Some more resources:

Finding CFP:

Creating Slides:

  • ///
  • My slides https:/// @gerardsans

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