GitLab meet up - Tirana

Hello everyone,

Lately, I am trying to get more familiar with the use of Git. Git is a free and open source distributed version control system designed to handle everything from small to very large projects with speed and efficiency.

Hence I am a basic user of Git, I was thinking to organize a GitLab meet up in Tirana so I can share what I know and also learn from others who are more experienced than me. GitLab is a complete DevOps platform, delivered as a single application. GitLab now provides a single application for the entire software development and operations lifecycle.

What do you think? I was considering November for our meet up since October seems to be full of events so far. If you would like to help organize this (speak at the event, help promote it, etc) let me know. :wink:



Hi @marianaballa

I like the idea and would like to help you organizing the activity. November sounds good for me also.


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Hello @marianaballa,

I really love your initiative and I’d like to help you guys. Since May, GitLab has become my favourite platform, even more than Dribbble and Behance. So, I cannot wait for the event :confetti_ball:

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GitLab page hosting is more advanced than GitHub page hosting, because it allows you to use any static site generator: Jekyll, Hugo, MkDocs, you name it. (By contrast GitHub allows only Jekyll.)

I have used Bookdown to host this book on GitLab:
I can have a short talk/workshop about how to host a book like that in GitLab.
Would this be interesting for the meet up?

Hello everyone! I’m so happy to see that you all are interested :grin:. As far as I can understand there so many topics we can include on this event and probably it would be better to extend this event more hours. I had in mind something like a 2-hours event but we can extend it and fill it with many different topics. @kristicunga and @dashohoxha thanks for joining. @dashohoxha it would be great to have the session you proposed.

At first let’s decide on the date. I would propose November 16th hence there is not much time to organize in October and we on Nov 9 the CryptoParty is happening.

What do you think?


Saturday is Ok for me.

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Nov 16th looks great for me, too.

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I have used git a lot recently and I would like to get familiar with Gitlab too. I’ll join you in this activity.


Im also familiar with git and I’ll join you :slightly_smiling_face:

Workshop instructions are ready.

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Tutoriali që bëmë sot në workshop:


Disa tweets me foto:

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