Getting to Albania with Ryanair and Easyjet

For people in locations served by Ryanair or Easyjet, are there any suggested itineraries for travel to Albania?

Neither of these airlines flies directly to Tirana but they serve a lot of cities in western Europe and sometimes they have very cheap prices.

I notice some of the following possibilities:

  • Easyjet flies to Prishtina, 5 hour bus to Tirana
  • Ryanair and Easyjet both fly to Bari, in Italy, with a ferry to Durres
  • Ryanair and Easyjet both fly to various Milan airports (Bergamo and Malpensa) and from there people can get connecting flights on other budget airlines, Fly Ernest or Blue Panorama

Can anybody see any other useful permutations looking at the Ryanair route map or the Easyjet route map?

I know that Paris and Amsterdam offer good deals with Transavia, but only in the summer season (I think April-November). Apart that, Wizzair offers great deals from Budapest or London to Tirana. From Italy there is Ernest and Blue Panorama

For OSCAL 2017, I made the mistake of taking Ryanair to Bari and the ferry to Durres. Partly through foolish optimism, and partly through confusion between Google Calendar and myself over timezones, I thought there would be time to get from the flight to the ferry, but there wasn’t, and I had an unplanned day in Bari and arrived a day late (fortunately I had aimed to arrive a day early for the conference, so ended up getting there with minutes to spare for the first talk).

There are some nice bits in Bari, but that’s not the bit you end up in when you get off the train from the airport well into the evening :frowning: And the ferry wasn’t very nice, and added as much to the overall journey cost as I’d saved by using Ryanair instead of one of the lines that flies direct to Tirana.

Google Flights is showing me a direct flight from Brussels to Tirana for 152GBP, with TUI Fly, so you could try Eurostar plus that (I think I might do this this year).

John, thanks for that feedback.

From some places, like Dublin, there is only Ryanair and all the alternatives are really expensive in comparison.

For example, Ryanair offers flights for EUR 25 each way between Dublin and Milan Bergamo on the dates around OSCAL and combined with a Blue Panorama flight that might be cheaper than anything else.

Best alternatives from Dublin in terms of time/price are Bergamo (ryanair(6.30-9.30am) + blupanorama (2pm) or Rome
(aerlingus + blupanorama/alitalia). I used to do this routes