Funding Opportunity: Digital Whistleblowing Fund (Deadline 31 December)

The Digital Whistleblowing Fund is the the micro-grant program by the The Hermes Center for Transparency and Digital Human Rights and Renewable Freedom Foundation that aims to enable investigative journalism groups and human rights grassroots organizations to receive financial, operational and strategic support in starting a secure digital whistleblowing initiative, as part of their social mission.

Digital Whistleblowing fund is supported by OSIFE in its first call for application meant for projects operating within Europe.

Grants awarded to successful organizations will be divided into micro grants up to €3.000 in financial support plus tech and consultancy services to support the startup of their digital whistleblowing initiative. Services provided include platform setup, configuration and customization assistance, training and strategic advisory service for the whistleblowing project design and setup.

The tech solution is based on GlobaLeaks.

A selection committee composed of key individuals/organizations from the whistleblowing, journalism, activism, anti-corruption and hacking ecosystems will evaluate the received applications.

The Digital Whistleblowing Fund will run periodical thematic calls. The theme of the first round is “Anti-corruption Activism”.

Please apply before December 31.

Donors and funders can partner with Digital Whistleblowing Fund to startup specific funding calls, being geographical (e.g. East Asia, MENA) or thematic (investigative journalism, reporting on human rights violations).


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