Full-stack developer (Identihub) - ReactJS + Laravel

Hello there,

At Ura, the open source design studio with a focus on open source design, we are still growing and searching for some talent that will help with the development of Identihub, the open source hosting platform for brand and visual assets,
More specifically we are searching for a Full-stack developer - ReactJS + Laravel with a profile and knowledge as mentioned in details here: https://ura.design/jobs/full-stack.
As a company dedicated to promote open source design we would love to have more team members (aka coders) that understand the open source philosophy and believes in Identihub as a project and has contributed previously tothe GitHub repo where the project code is hosted.

Disclaimer: I work closely with Ura for different design related projects for free open source and online privacy related platforms.
Ps: we have positions like this from time to time and we publish these announcements on the jobs page: https://ura.design/jobs/.

Looking forward to your applications,

I hope you successfully have found a candidate you were looking for)
Maybe you are interested in extending your team? Remore dedicated Reactjs developers can be often cheaper with the same quality. So if you are interested just familiarize with article or contact me)

Hello, we are working with a partner. Thanks