FSF Birthday : live event celebration

Hi everyone,

Today, Friday the 9th of october, 6 PM - 9 PM Tirana time, FSF is celebrating its 35 years birthday with an online live event - see full program here.

I was invited to participate as a board member of the french counterpart of FSF, April and also as a member of the french EFF counterpart LQDN.

I will be in a conversation-like talk together with Pouhiou from Framasoft, it will be nice (I hope :)) It will be at 19h Tirana time, 45 minutes long with live questions from IRC, freenode server, #fsf channel. I am telling all this to you because I will be talking about collaboration between organisations, and about local events, so of course I will somehow, at some point, talk about you guys and girls at Open Labs <3

I did not forget you, I was not very talkative during the Covid crisis, not very travel-ative also (did not come to Albania since last october) but I did not forget you and I am looking forward to meet with you again somewhere, somehow, someday :slight_smile:

Also, this is one of the few occasions where french organisations are not talking in french (we do not always translate stuff in English :wink: ) This can help us Open Labs and french orgs better understand / communicate / collaborate / inspire each-other :wink:



Hey @eda,

thanks for sharing the event with us and good to hear you are doing well :slight_smile:

Sounds really really nice, thanks for mentioning Open Labs, we appreciate it!
I’ll be following the event so looking forward. :smile: