Forum turns 1 year old today

Hey there!
365 days ago, when the infra team was in the process of being created, we tried to install Discourse for our community.
Fast forward to the present and our forum is active on a daily basis.
In order to celebrate we want to give you all a virtual cookie :cookie: (Please don’t take too many)
But besides virtual gifts we wanted to share some anonymous stats. So here they are:

User visits: 5.5k
New users: 188
Topics: 504
Posts: 4.0k
We shared over 3.3k likes and we only flagged 7 posts
We have sent over 85.2k emails
Our most active day was 19th of January with over 31 users visiting
Our site has had over 170.1k visits

The person with the most read posts has read 3.9k posts.
The person who was read most topics has read 523 topics.
The person who has used the forum for the most amount of time has stayed for 72 hours.

And that is HUGE. We are astonished by how active our forum is.
But of course, this is about you. You are the ones that made this possible.
So, @infra would like to thank you for promoting open source, sharing thoughts about the Open Labs Hackerspace community and most importantly, for being civil with each other.


Wishing 100 more years literally to the forum :slight_smile:! Fantastic job by the infra team and also special thanks to everyone contributing in the discussions! Here is to even more years of active online floss communities!



I saw that there are some tags activated at the forum. @infra can you please share more details on how to use them? Maybe documentation on our wiki? Thanks.


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Hey @infa can we have an update on the second year of the forum? Thanks for your amazing efforts!