Floods in Albania: how can free open source tech help

The heavy rains that poured all over Albania in the past 24 hours have caused many floods, damaging homes and businesses, while an electrician has died in Fier, while working on a power line: http://top-channel.tv/english/floods-around-albania-photo-gallery/

I was wondering if we can somehoh help through Humanitarian OpenStreetMap if the situatioin escalates further. What do you guys think? We can also work on implementing an USHAIDI app where people can report issues or any other way. we might think of. Ping @Sidorela @jbelien @anisakuci and others.
These are the days when technology is most important and can help us for real, without Instagram filters or FB/Twitter beautified posts. Thoughts?



Hey @rskikuli, I don’t know exactly how a project is added on Humanitarian OpenStreetMap, I can probably ask on their mailing list for this.
Yes it is an natural disaster like the other projects on HOTs website, It would be great to have better mapping for all this places but I think there are a few things to check before.
Which places do we need to map? Do we have a good imagery?
Is anyone going to use openstreetmap to access places damaged from floods? This last question should not affect our decission to start a new mapping project I think, if not today this will have an impact in near future.
Having better maps can help a lot in disaster cases, to have a service to report might be a good idea.
What I think is a combination between mapping as a response for disasters, and on the other side offering a service so people can report on real time for a problem, (like example reporting that he is blocked somewhere and adding geographical coordinates, it can be easily identified where it is.). My idea is to create a widely spreaded projects used also from institutions that are in charge to evacuate people in this cases. But I have to think it more and make more clear what my idea is.
We can implement this but for sure we need some volunteers and dedicate some time

First of all is your question if we should open a task on Humanitarian OpenStreetMap. I think we should, but we need some opinions from others also.


Hello guys,

Sorry to hear about the flooding in Albania !

I can put you in contact with Jorieke Vyncke which is :

To write it short … she’s the real deal :smiley:

She’s really nice and I’m sure she would be more than happy to help you with this issue !
Which one of you guys should I put in the email I’ll write to her ? All of you (@rskikuli @Sidorela @anisakuci) ?

If I can help with anything, let me know !

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