FlashForward 2021 event from Shuttleworth Foundation

FlashForward is an event by the Shuttleworth Foundation generated from a desire to celebrate our Flash Grant recipients and enhance our connections as a fellowship community.
We fund inspired individuals who imagine a better, more open world. We would love for you to share your work and experiences at FlashForward.
Here we can tell our stories, connect, and seek out new modes of collaboration. Here we can shine a light on new developments and those whose shoulders we stand upon. Here we can present and discuss our journeys, challenges, and successes to learn from one another.

Where: https://ffwd.flashgrants.org/
What (calendar): flashforward
When: 22-27 February 2021


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The calendar of the event is having more and more events flashforward.
Feel free to submit a talk if you haven’t already. Would be great to share the story of the flash grant that helped the hackerspace with other fellows The Shuttleworth Foundation supporting us throughout 2020 – Open Labs Hackerspace. See you next week :slight_smile:


I see there is an Open Labs session already planned. Awesome!


#FlashForwardFest starts today and will be an all-week-long event! Bela’s session will be on Feb 23rd at 5PM CET!

Check out the agenda for more interesting sessions.


Extending my invitation for my presentation about the importance of FLOSS projects using… FLOSS infrastructure (not proprietary) today at 13.00 CET. Details on how to join at this link flashforward. Would love to see you there.


The majority of the videos from the event are now online on the Peertube account of the Shuttleworth Foundation: https://video.shuttleworthfoundation.org/. The federated instance features also the presentation about Open Labs hackerspace The portrait of a hackerspace - Shuttleworth Videos :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: