Finding Open Labs financial documents

I found this page on the wiki with a financial report for the month of August 2017.

Can somebody upload the last year’s balance sheet and P&L report?

Or if they were filed with a public register, can somebody please provide a link to it from the wiki so donors and volunteers can find it more easily?

I notice from the August 2017 report you pay an accountant or book-keeper a fee of 5,000 Leke to maintain your accounts each month. Could you please ask him to email a trial balance to a topic on the forum after he closes the books each month? Usually it only takes a couple of mouse clicks to extract this report after reconciling the bank account.

Non-profits in other countries typically have to pay a lot more than that for somebody to maintain their books and some other organizations may also be interested in using the services of your book-keeper, especially if the book-keeper is comfortable using free software to maintain the accounts of an organization like Open Labs.

No! All members can request this info, but not non members. If you are a member ask on the next members meeting or if you are a remote member ask on the members area of the forum.


Redon, who decided this?

Who do you think did?


I would prefer not to guess but I would like to give credit to
whoever wrote the Open Labs manifesto[1]. The manifesto makes it
clear that basic financial reports should be on the public wiki and
if somebody else decided otherwise please identify them.
Looking at the main page of the Open Labs web site, it has a big
slogan “Open by default”
Under the heading asking people to “Support Open Labs Financially”,
it starts out “Agree with our mission statement? Please consider
In the manifesto[1], it is stated on the first line that the mission
is “dedicated to promote openness, freedom, transparency and
I’ve spoken to many people about the good stuff you do at Open Labs
and all of these people believe in the same things as you so I’m
surprised about the way you have responded to what I thought was a
really simple request.
FSFE’s transparency page[2] provides a really good model and as I
recently advocated for Open Labs to become an FSFE associated
organization I feel it would be really good for Open Labs to try and
create a page like that on the wiki. As Open Labs engages more with
other organizations there will be similar requests for the same
Being transparent is also a strong sign of respect for all the
volunteers and donors who are not members and not able to ask
questions in the members area you referred to.
I realize people are probably quite busy with OSCAL this week so
just uploading the most recent report might be a good start.

Even if you write a long note the answer is still NO!
The respect should be mutual from everyone involved in an organization including you! Where I came from guests of a place/community/organization are treated with respect (part of our culture), until members of the place/community/organization are accused with outrageous non based claims from guests like you! I’m not sure if you have talked positively about what we do, but I am aware that you have accused these members in other communities fellow members of our hackerspace including me and I happen to know that these accusations are not true. The damage you have done regarding the reputation of members that have dedicated uncounted hours to OL does not give you any credibility to propose almost anything at this point. You might act surprised or maybe you do not understand the damage what you have done (I doubt this is the case), but this behavior has consequences, with the tone of voice from my side being one of those. So again, the answer is NO!


Where is the accusation in my request?

not referring to this case but previous behavior. In any case, the answer to you is NO. Have a nice day.


This request doesn’t relate to any other previous discussions and
other organizations, I simply sent the request as an Open Labs
I actually wanted to use the last Open Labs reports as part of the
workshop on financial software on Sunday at OSCAL as I thought it
would be a good example to study and compare to reports from other

Again, the answer is NO!