Feedback for OSCAL 2017

Hey folks!

Even though a bit late, I would want to thank you very much for organising the conference!
Was a pleasure coming along, everyone was so friendly and I met a lot of great people.
Will come next year as well :slight_smile:

A thing to improve, I see is the attendance rate. It would have been great if more (local) people attended, especially students.
I talked to Elio about this and it was clear that your goal is to foster the open-source ecosystem with your conference.
What a better way to bring new people in, than to trigger students that seek meaning, purpose and job opportunities.
You had many projects and companies attending, a great way to get more people involved in FOSS development

We discussed that a way you can get more students joining the conference and get in contact with open-source projects/companies, is to go into schools and universities and giving short presentations about the conference.

Regarding the messaging of these presentations:
Elio told me it’s important to you to emphasise the conference to be around open-source. But I don’t think it would be most effective to make your presentation around this message, because it may not be the most important argument why students would join.
IMHO a more powerful message would be job opportunities and the contact with established companies, developers, scientists.
Of course you should not leave out the open-source part, as it is integral to your conference.

Hope my input helped and looking forward to next year :slight_smile:


Thanks Oli! Good that you didn’t forget to share your feedback!

Others: For context, I have been discussing with Oli when I met him in Berlin and his feedback was really valuable. Maybe we should try to frame the OSCAL experience more according to the audience (such as jobs and opportunities in open source etc)