EUvsVirus Hackathon

Hello all,

I am Arjan and i would like to share latest hack event!

Between April 24-26, the EU Commission will host EUvsVirus hackathon, and I am reaching out to ask you to help us, by inviting your followers to join and share it with people who would like to join.

“Join #EUvsVirus and participate in the fight against COVID-19!

Supported by the EU Commission, EUvsVirus is an online hackathon organized by the digital ecosystem actors from all over Europe and happening between April 24-26.

The participants are invited to develop innovative solutions to COVID-19 related challenges in 48h.

It is a call to action to each and everyone to demonstrate unity for the common good across borders and generations. Let’s digitally open EU-borders in the times of pandemic crisis!

Join here:”

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Thanks for sharing the news @Arjan. Sharing it on Twitter as well.