Establishment of a community infracenter

We are setting up a new infrastructure environment in Open Labs, where we are thinking of setting up the following:

  1. a linux mirror in albania
    This will help those who want to download linux installation files & install and update programs, by allowing them to download from an infrastructure that is in Albania, and thus faster for users in the Western Balkans.

  2. a laboratory that will allow attendees of the hackerspace create Virtual Machines for workshops/events, allowing the community to cover more technical workshops by providing them access to our facilities.

  1. provide on cost rented VMs, allowing users a space to practice on for their own personal projects.


Artwork by: @kristicunga


By “Linux mirror” do you mean “Debian mirror”?
Looking forward for more details.

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By “Linux mirror” do you mean “Debian mirror”?


Looking forward for more details.

We’ve already setup our proxmox and ceph clusters, and are working on the k8s cluster