Edits based on map feedback - TomTom

Hi everyone,

With the intent of continuing to make improvements to OSM and giving back to OSM, we plan to make changes based on user input. This update activity is the result of checking if a feedback received on the TomTom map is also valid for OSM.

We will only make changes if: they add value to OSM, they do not conflict with any recent community updates, and they are supported by a local source.

In the absence of original material to support the update, we will reach out to the local community for assistance.

We will start by implementing feedback on the following types of features: Streets, Addresses, POIs, Land Use, Buildings and Waterways. For more details on the types of changes we will make, you can take a look at our GitHub page for Albania (“Edits based on map feedback” section). Over time, we will expand to more features.

Along with the #tomtom hashtag that is linked to every TomTom change in OSM, changesets based on map feedback will also receive the #tt_mapfeedback hashtag. This will allow you to follow the updates we are making during this activity.

In Albania, we plan to roll out in two weeks with limited changes based on map feedback, and then continue with occasional changes spread out over time.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments. We will of course keep you updated and take your feedback into account as we progress in this activity.

Have a nice day!!