Drupalcon Vienna 2017

Before reading the announcement keep in mind that the deadline for call for proposals is 28.06.2017 at 23.59 Vienna time!
full informaction and link can be dound here: https://events.drupal.org/vienna2017/submit-session
Information from their website:

DrupalCon is organized by The Drupal Association and Drupal community volunteers. The Drupal Association is an educational non-profit organization dedicated to fostering and supporting the Drupal software project, the community and its growth.

DrupalCon aims to:

  • Gather citizens of the Drupal ecosystem to learn from each other
  • Work collaboratively to drive the project forward
  • Invite people from all backgrounds and areas of experience to submit session proposals to help us achieve these goals.

Speakers can expect to pay for travel and lodging expenses incurred while traveling to and attending the conference.

Inclusion Funds for Speakers:
We are dedicated to increasing diversity of speakers at DrupalCon to more closely reflect the community that we serve.
During the session submission process, we will ask an optional question where you can identify with one or more underrepresented groups. We are asking this question in an effort to better understand our current diversity in speakers as well as to make sure we clearly identify areas of improvement for our future Cons. We appreciate your cooperation in helping us gather data to support these efforts. This information will not affect your session selection status.

Please note: Consideration in the Inclusion Fund for speakers will not be a factor in session selection and will not affect your selection status. Our goal is to support to those who need it and as a direct action to increase speaker diversity.

Session Proposals Formats:

  • 25-minute sessions
  • 60-minute sessions

Selected sessions will be announced on our website on August 4, 2017.
Important Dates:

  • 28 June 2017 - Call for Proposals will close at 23:59 Vienna time (EST/UTC-5)
  • 29 June 29 23 July 2017 - Our Selection Team will be reading through sessions and evaluating each of them. Keep an eye on your email during this time in case the Selection Team has clarifying questions about your submission.
  • 1 August 2017 - Selected sessions are announced on our website



If anybody wants to go and give a talk about DruCall, the WebRTC plugin for Drupal then I would be happy to assist you planning the talk.