DokuTech: A Tech Conference in the Heart of the Balkans

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DOKUTECH is an annual conference and one of the leading tech events in the Balkans that is devoted to idea sharing, igniting discussions, interactive workshops, DIY sessions, fun-filled days and musical evenings. During the past four editions, DOKU.TECH has welcomed over 5,000 attendees who came from the Balkans, Europe, and United States. The next DOKU.TECH…

(Nafie Shehu) #2


Here ( ) you can find the application form if you want to participate at DokuTech.

In the selection process the Open Labs members will have a priority due to the partnership between Open Labs and DokuTech.

Consider to apply only if you are free from 8 - 11 June.

Application form will be open until 25.05.2018, 23.59PM.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Thank you,

(Daniel Pocock) #3

What is the procedure for proposing a talk, a workshop or a booth?

Is there a section of the event dedicated to FOSS communities or is
everything mixed?

(Izabela Bakollari) #4

I think the application form provided in this discussion is for participants.

On the DokuTech official website should be the information you are looking for.

(Nafie Shehu) #5


We are closing the application form :slight_smile: Thanks to all who applied will get back to you soon.


(Redon Skikuli) #6

Thanks for applying people and to Nafie for coordinating. Let’s make this a fun trip :slight_smile: